My story is unlike many people in the industry

2010 - Graduation

I graduated from a small design school called Wood Tobe Coburn where I finished at the top of my class with an Associates degree in Graphic Design and was offered multiple positions from the job placement program.

2011 - Print Designer at Duggal

This was my first job after graduation and the beginning of my professional career. During my time at Duggal I learned advanced photo retouching and color matching techniques. I operated wide format print machines (16ft) as well as prepping files for production and vector files for laser cutting machines. Some of the clients we worked with included companies such as Apple, Verizon, MTV and Metlife.

2012 - Web Design internship at StarChefs

During this time the print industry began to decline with the web dominating the advertising worldwide. I decided to pivot and learn new skills to remain competitive. Here I learned the basics of html, css and was introduced to content management systems. (Drupal, WordPress).

2013 - Prepress Technician at VGS

As I still needed more experience in web development to completely transition mediums. I accepted an offer from another printing company while I prepared to join a developer bootcamp in the coming months. During this stage in my career at VGS I trained some of the machine operators on how to push creative production to it's limits. I taught the team how to engrave with lasers by installing new software and providing prepared photoshop files while also demonstrating how to use routing machines to build props.

2014 - Tipping Point

January - Joined Developer Bootcamp

I started 2014 strong by deep diving into coding by joining a 3 month long part time bootcamp led by Mike De’shazer, a software engineer and serial entrepreneur. At the time this was lamp stack focused and I became more logical about my designs.

April - First front end position at SBG Media

After completing this bootcamp I landed a position at a marketing company working on WordPress sites and lead capture pages. My work here was focused on user growth and lead generation delivering targeted ads based on surveys.

September - Accepted offer at MyLandlordScore

MyLandlordScore was an early stage startup where people could search and rate landlords based on a set of categories we provided. The biggest challenge I faced here as a front end developer was building a mobile app on iOS. I managed to complete this using web technologies and multiple Apple reviews. This is where I learned the true meaning of being a developer and problem solving when facing the unknown.

2015 - FLEX

At FLEX Marketing Group I was given the chance to use many of my skills that i’ve built up over the years. Here I was responsible for designing, developing and scaling internal build systems. I was able to refine my craft but also fortunate enough to learn the depths of running a business as a bonus. I launched over 100 landing pages based on a dozen different templates that went through rigorous multi variate testing. Given the liberty of working independently and managing remote engineers, I gained the competency of working on any project and putting together a plan of action.

2017 - Code in the Dark Hackathon

I participated in the Code In the Dark front end competition in which I placed 2nd(I blame landing 2nd place due to having a high fever that day 😒). The rules were simply to build a web page based off a screenshot of a random website without using any libraries and without previewing your code. After 15 minutes the crowd would vote for the winner of that round until the final round.

2018 - Iterative Capital

As one of the first hires at this cryptocurrency based hedge fund, I joined Iterative Capital as a Front End Developer. Initially my role was to improve their content site using Ghost (A Node.js based CMS) and also manage growth metrics using Google Analytics however this role eventually evolved into Full Stack JavaScript developing Lambda Functions built on Amazon Web Services.

2019 - OpenCrowd

I joined OpenCrowd in 2019. OpenCrowd is a design and technology firm based in NYC. I previously held the position of UX Developer in their New Jersey office. I worked on enterprise software using React/Redux on the front end.

2020 - Comcast

I currently work at Comcast Business full time building out react based applications and providing support for legacy JavaScript applications. My team focuses on the on-boarding portion for business clients to provide a self-serve online experience for their business needs.


What's New?

Today im focusing on building out content and sharing my knowledge for all digital creators; ranging from marketers to developers. One of my goals are to become a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies.